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We are a small indie group of friends who have set the goal to create fun and extend the current barrier of traditional games to develop a more immersive and enriching experience for the player to satisfy that creative instinct of the human being that our creator Enki inherited us . Our group firmly believes that there are alternative and parallel realities and what is traditionally exposed as reality is only a straight and obtuse look that we want to believe. There is still much alternative experience to know and we are willing to go through the games to show you and change your mind so that you can live other realities.



Develop custom application using our lastest inmersive technology like virtual reality for help at you organization at fine high performace in the work.


Develop custom application using our virtual reality equipment, this is realy fan and inmersive using 6DoF lastest technology our game are really inmersive and funny.


  • Since its founding, in EnkiGames we have proposed great challenges, we know that the video game industry is highly competitive but we have the conviction that with effort and patience we can achieve great things. We know that the most important thing is to have fun, and so we do it, every game planned and taken to reality has a great share of creativity, emotion and a great heart that we add to our customers to enjoy and for a moment live the experience of being in another reality !.

    Jose Ignacio Parra - Founder

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Please send us a message via email or whatsapp with questions, suggestions, or concerns that you have, we will be very happy to answer you and help you.

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